• Separating? Know your rights

    Separating? Know your rights

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  • Preparing for your first appointment

    Preparing for your first appointment

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  • Same-sex couples and parenthood

    Same-sex couples and parenthood

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  • Want Certainty? Financial Agreements

    Want Certainty? Financial Agreements

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We are lawyers for families

Have you separated, or are thinking of separating? DS Family Law has a team of dedicated and passionate family lawyers who will guide you through the process of dividing your property following separation, and ensure that appropriate arrangements are put in place for your children.

Our lawyers also provide advice to those who want to strengthen their current relationships. From asset protection through to adoption and surrogacy, we are here to help you build a strong foundation for your family.

We understand your uncertainty, pain and stress, and we are here to support you.

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Legal News


Does watching porn make you a bad parent?

Case in point: Loffler-Wingrove and Wingrove [2015] FCWA 55 The parents in this case applied for parenting orders in circumstances where, since separating in 2011, they had shared care of the...

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Relocation – Things to consider for your first meeting with a lawyer

The transient nature of the Northern Territory, the nature of the employment opportunities in the Top End (such as mining and defence) and the high cost of living often means that families...

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We’ve been ordered to sell the house, but we can’t!

As everyone in Western Australia knows, property prices have plummeted in recent years, particularly in regional communities reliant on the resources industry. This has caused problems for...

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Enforcing Family Court Property Orders: The Process Explained

What recourse is available to you if your former spouse owes you money, or is refusing to sign transfer of ownership documents, or is refusing to transfer possession of an asset to you? If...

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