• Separating? Know your rights

    Separating? Know your rights

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  • Preparing for your first appointment

    Preparing for your first appointment

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  • Same-sex couples and parenthood

    Same-sex couples and parenthood

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  • Want Certainty? Financial Agreements

    Want Certainty? Financial Agreements

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We are lawyers for families

Have you separated, or are thinking of separating? DS Family Law has a team of dedicated and passionate family lawyers who will guide you through the process of dividing your property following separation, and ensure that appropriate arrangements are put in place for your children.

Our lawyers also provide advice to those who want to strengthen their current relationships. From asset protection through to adoption and surrogacy, we are here to help you build a strong foundation for your family.

We understand your uncertainty, pain and stress, and we are here to support you.

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Legal News


Happy Holidays!

  The Team at DS Family Law wishes you a safe and joyous Christmas, and a prosperous New Year. Please note that our offices will be closed over the festive period from 11 am on Friday...

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Parenting Arrangements over Christmas

Many of us go worry-free into the Christmas period when we head off to meet the family thinking only about trivial things like who's bringing the wine or who's bringing the turkey. Then,...

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Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Australia

60-Second Summary After the majority of Australians voted in favour of changing marriage laws to allow for same-sex marriage, the corresponding legislation was amended in December 2017. As a...

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Separated Under One Roof

60-Second Summary Living separated under one roof occurs when you and your former spouse/partner are no longer marital or de-facto partners but nonetheless continue to live in the same...

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FVRO's (Family Violence Restraining Orders) vs Protective Orders

  60–Second Summary The end of a relationship often presents separating spouses and their children with emotional upheaval, as well as various financial and practical difficulties. This...

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Single Expert Witnesses in Parenting Proceedings

  60–Second Summary The appointment of a Single Expert Witness (“Expert”) may become necessary in parenting proceedings in the Family Court where a professional opinion would assist...

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Child Support Arrangements & Agreements

What is Child Support and what does it cover? All parents have a responsibility to adequately and properly financially support their child/ren until they attain the age of 18 years. Both the...

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17 Things You Need To Know About The Divorce Process

The Divorce Process in Australia Clients often come to an initial consultation with us stating that they “want a divorce” when what they really mean is that they want to resolve a property...

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De Facto Relationship Law – Is My Partner Entitled To Half The House?

Believe it or not, Family Lawyers are actually human and often partake in a drink or two at their local watering hole.  Whilst participating in such a favoured past time, I am often brought into...

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De Facto Superannuation Splitting in Western Australia

60-Second Summary: It might come as a surprise to many but currently, in Western Australia, superannuation is not considered an asset for the purpose of a property division between de facto...

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Consent Orders - Everything You Need To Know

Consent Orders – Is my Agreement Final? Family Law is often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons: the cost of legal representation, month upon month of delay, the uncertainty of outcomes,...

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School holidays in Bali… But do you have consent?

So you have just been served with an Application for Parenting Orders by the children’s father. Since separation over three years ago, the children have lived exclusively with you, and Dad has...

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