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Child Support

Child Support Arrangements & Agreements

Rachael King

Last Updated on 28/11/2019

What is Child Support and what does it cover? All parents have a responsibility to adequately and properly financially support their child/ren until they attain the age of 18 years. Both the Family Court and government agencies consider such expenses to include housing, food, clothing and costs related to their child/ren’s education. These are the … Continue reading “Child Support Arrangements & Agreements”

Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders: What’s the difference?

Caley Kim

Last Updated on 28/11/2019

What is a parenting plan? A Parenting Plan is a written agreement which covers parenting arrangements for children but is not formally approved by the Court. It is a more informal way of having arrangements in place for your children than Consent Orders, as the parties do not have to make a formal application to … Continue reading “Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders: What’s the difference?”