Parenting Plans

Parenting Orders for Grandparents

Posted on 06/02/2020, Last Updated on 20/01/2023

60-Second Summary Grandparents may not always be aware that they can apply to the Family Court for Orders that their grandchildren live with or spend time with them. It does not matter if the parents of the children are together or separated – the legislation permits such an Application. In fact, grandparents are specifically mentioned … Continue reading “Parenting Orders for Grandparents”

Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders: What’s the difference?

Caley Kim
Accredited Family Law Specialist

Posted on 12/07/2019, Last Updated on 28/11/2019

What is a parenting plan? A Parenting Plan is a written agreement which covers parenting arrangements for children but is not formally approved by the Court. It is a more informal way of having arrangements in place for your children than Consent Orders, as the parties do not have to make a formal application to … Continue reading “Parenting Plans vs Consent Orders: What’s the difference?”