The No-Fault Divorce Principle in Australia

Rebecca Ward
Senior Associate

Posted on 07/07/2021, Last Updated on 31/10/2023

There are more than a few widespread misconceptions within the family law sphere surrounding the conduct of a former spouse or de facto partner: Firstly, that the Family Court is an appropriate forum to air one’s personal “grievances” about an ex-spouse’s behaviour. Secondly, that apportioning ‘blame’ to such conduct is a relevant factor to be … Continue reading “The No-Fault Divorce Principle in Australia”

Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Australia

Greg Martinovich

Posted on 03/12/2019, Last Updated on 31/10/2023

60-Second Summary After the majority of Australians voted in favour of changing marriage laws to allow for same-sex marriage, the corresponding legislation was amended in December 2017. As a result, same-sex couples are able to get lawfully married. As the number of same-sex marriages steadily increases, this unavoidably gives rise to a relatively new area … Continue reading “Same-Sex Marriage and Divorce in Australia”

Separated Under One Roof

Caley Kim
Accredited Family Law Specialist

Posted on 28/10/2019, Last Updated on 28/11/2019

60-Second Summary Living separated under one roof occurs when you and your former spouse/partner are no longer marital or de-facto partners but nonetheless continue to live in the same home. There are many elements involved in the definition of separation, some or all of which may be present in a particular relationship. Therefore, what comprises … Continue reading “Separated Under One Roof”