Family Law

De Facto Superannuation Splitting in Western Australia

Amy James
Senior Associate

Posted on 05/04/2019

60-Second Summary: It might come as a surprise to many but currently, in Western Australia, superannuation is not considered an asset for the purpose of a property division between de facto couples following a separation. This means that, unlike in any other Australian state or territory, superannuation cannot be split or transferred between de facto … Continue reading “De Facto Superannuation Splitting in Western Australia”

Consent Orders – Everything You Need To Know

Ross Dunlop
Barrister and Solicitor

Posted on 25/03/2019

Consent Orders – Is my Agreement Final? Family Law is often in the headlines for all the wrong reasons: the cost of legal representation, month upon month of delay, the uncertainty of outcomes, etc. But it isn’t generally highlighted just how often separating couples manage to resolve their property and parenting disputes without recourse to … Continue reading “Consent Orders – Everything You Need To Know”